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Randolph Matthews

Renowned by many as possibly the best jazz vocalist on the planet - Randolph performs solo accompanied only by his looped voice.

Where his roots in jazz, blues & folk music, explore the thin line between the divine and secular.

Randolph is a jazz vocalist, songwriter, composer, producer and beatbox extraordinaire.

He blends jazz scatting with his typically soulful style, McFerrin experimentation with African & electronic influences. A delicate poetry with a pinch of English humour and at the same time he puts together melodic and percussive lines in realtime, creating unique orchestrations. All of these characteristics make him unique in the world music landscape.

Randolph says about his music ' it's about the freedom and honesty of expression.

Words which once you listen to Randolph Matthews will ring true.

One of the most impressive performers I've ever seen.

Yes, I said that. Me.

Follow Randolph Matthews by visiting his website, RandolphMatthews.co.uk

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